Portia & Scarlett 2024 Best Seller Try On Haul

Portia & Scarlett 2024 Best Seller Try On Haul

As many of our old time Lady Black Tie brand enthusiasts may know, we've been carrying the Australian brand Portia & Scarlett since the very first day we opened, back when we were a tiny little store, and they were a much smaller brand. 

Since then, we've grown together as a partnership and Portia & Scarlett remains one of our most requested brands! Just for you, we created this try on haul featuring all of their 2024 Bestsellers for prom! The brand is known for their impeccable craftsmanship, ‘red carpet glamour’ and is definitely the brand for the “It girls” out there who want to make a statement at their special occasion.

Each piece embraces femininity and celebrates what it means to be a powerful woman.

Whether you're seeking the perfect ensemble for a special occasion or simply craving a touch of luxury in your everyday life, Portia & Scarlett has something to offer for every fashion-forward individual

Join us as we delve into a treasure trove of couture delights, where every fabric drapes like poetry and every silhouette celebrates the beauty of the female form. Whether you're seeking an ensemble for a glamorous gala, a romantic rendezvous, or a soirée with friends, Portia and Scarlett's collection promises to fulfill your every fashion fantasy.

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